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Created by Andrew Stockton

Create custom monster miniatures for D&D and tabletop RPG. Shipped or 3D printed! Pre-order reward codes are sent out 2-3 times per week. Estimated Launch Date: Summer 2021

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7 days ago – Fri, Apr 30, 2021 at 07:42:56 PM

Attention physical backers!

tldr; We have partnered with a new 3D printing fulfillment company that specializes in printing tabletop miniatures. Because of this, physical rewards will now be higher quality and cost less.

Yes, you read that right! :confetti:

Why the change?

You may recall this diagram from the Kickstarter:

Old pricing model

The old pricing model priced miniatures into three categories, based on three factors: volume, total dimensions, and surface area. What we found in practice is that this doesn't create a very good experience, because the price could change drastically in unexpected ways during model creation. For example, re-posing a monster's arm could suddenly increase the model price by $20 because the total dimensions grew enough to change the monster from a 'Basic' to a 'Standard'. This is unintuitive and leads to wasted time trying to get just the right pose to minimize cost. Bleh.

The solution: Pricing by Volume

Pricing by Volume is like frozen yogurt, except it's monster miniatures. :) Imagine a trip to your favorite FROYO shop where you pay by the weight:

TitanCraft will operate in a similar fashion, where the price of your monster is directly related to the overall volume -- i.e. how big you decide to make your monster and how many extra parts you add.

Why is this good for us?

  • We can keep our prices low instead of having to round up to a fixed price per size category
  • Model pricing makes sense ("I added another part, so the price went up")

Why is this good for you?

  • We can keep our prices low instead of having to round up to a fixed price per size category
  • Model pricing makes sense ("I added another part, so the price went up")

Here's an illustration of how the price changes in our new pricing model compared with the old one:

What happens to my 'x Physical Miniatures' Kickstarter rewards?

Since the former size categories (Basic, Standard, Deluxe) are no longer applicable, we'll take the former miniature cost for the size category matching your pledge level and give you that much in store credit:

You can use your store credit when checking out to reduce the cost of monster miniatures in your cart. Some notes:

  • These store credit amounts guarantee at least the same value as the 'x Physical Miniatures' coupons you would have gotten.
  • In most cases, this gives you even better value because you can use any remaining store credit toward more monsters. (Or towards shipping, which was not included in the original pledge levels.)
  • If you purchased the Evolution Bundle or the Party back, you are no longer confined to to the monster sizes originally listed in the rewards. E.g. if you can order 15 smaller monsters with the same amount that you would have spent on the original 5 Deluxe monsters, that's A-ok.

Paint Job Add-Ons

If you purchased a professional paint job add-on, your add-on will work as follows:

One more benefit:

We are now able to print in resin instead of Nylon PA-12. That means a smoother surface and better detail than we were previously able to produce! :moreconfetti:


Honestly we are pretty happy about this - we feel like it's a win-win. It will be nice to leave behind the ambiguous size categories.

This may be a lot to take in - if you have any questions at all about this change, please let us know.

Andrew & Jared

April Update - More Monsters, PayPal & Merchant License Agreement
10 days ago – Wed, Apr 28, 2021 at 05:05:17 AM

Hi everyone!

It's been a busy month for us, and we wanted to give you a quick progress report of where we are at.

More Monsters Added to Early Access

Since our last update, we have added 5 additional monsters to early access!! :D Including...

  • Chimera
  • Hill Giant
  • T-Rex
  • Griffon
  • Aboleth

As we continue to add monsters, we are simultaneously adding customization options. Customization options will continue to get fleshed out up until launch (such as more horns, wings, etc). 

Please note that some monsters are currently more modular than others due to a) the nature of the monster itself and/or b) the current state our 3D model is in. For example, right now you can't remove the arms on the hill giant. We definitely want to give you the option to do that in the future, but our current priority is to finish getting all the other monsters into the software.


We're happy to announce that TitanCraft will accept PayPal as a method of payment!! For many of our international backers and customers, PayPal is the only option for making purchases, and we needed to make sure TitanCraft will be available for everyone on launch. :) 

Andrew put some hard work into getting PayPal integrated with our site, so make sure to give him a virtual pat on the back next time you see him around in the discord.

Merchant License Agreement

For all of our Merchant License backers, at the end of this week (April 30, 2021) you will receive an email from us with the Merchant License Agreement. Please follow the instructions that will be included in that email. If you don't receive the email, or if your contact information has since changed since you backed the project, please contact us at support@titancraftminis.com.

That's all for now! If you have any questions or comments please let us know.

- Jared & Andrew

This render was generated from a model created in the beta. Exported files are very high in detail.
One of our community member's hydra t-rex (left) and actual t-rex (right)
Render made from an exported file created in the beta
Our latest addition, the aboleth! Andrew was pretty proud of this one.

Pose Presets, Proportion Sliders & More! Beta v0.5.0 Update
about 1 month ago – Fri, Mar 26, 2021 at 11:27:23 PM

Hi all!

We just dropped some new stuff into the beta!

Pose Presets

Pose Presets are here! These presets will be able to help you make great-looking monsters without having to pose them from scratch, and they can also be used as starting points for advance posing. 

As of right now there are only pose presets for the Balor - we will roll out pose presets for the Treant and Hydra soon if there aren't any red flags with the Balor.

Proportions Sliders

After a couple tweaks, proportions sliders are getting reintroduced to the software! Using these sliders, you will be able to customize the size and length of different parts of a monster such as arms, wings, tails, etc. 

Unfortunately, this update will break any existing saved balors you might have made in the beta. :( As we roll out proportion sliders for the Treant and Hydra, any existing saved files of those monsters will also break. Download your STL files now if you want to keep them!

Things Are Gettin' Toasty

We are also happy to announce the release of another monster into the beta! You can now play around customizing a Fire Elemental! 🔥 

Give it a try! https://titancraftminis.com/monsters

Updated Timeline

Like we mentioned in our previous update, while we still would love to hit our April release, it's becoming more evident to us that is most likely not going to be the case. Prepping the models for our software is taking a little longer than anticipated. The good news is we are now getting into a rhythm prepping these monsters, and will be able to start cranking them out. 

If we are not able to release during April, all our of Kickstarter backers will be given Early Access starting in May, but the site will still be closed to the public.

Thanks for your support! As always, let us know if you need help or have questions.

Jared & Andrew

Beta 0.4.0 Update! Lots of good stuff here
2 months ago – Sat, Feb 27, 2021 at 12:53:45 AM

Hey all! We just updated the beta to version 0.4.0, which includes cool new features such as:

Multiple characters per scene

Treant riding a hydra? Yee haw

So this feature is experimental. But we figured we'd let you all try it out and see if it's something we can keep permanently. :) Now you can add multiple monsters to the same scene!

New model: Balor!

Jared's been working hard on adding a new monster for y'all to customize. Try it out now!

New walkthrough video

We made this neat balor model and logged the process from start to finish so you can pick up tips and tricks. Check out the video here:


Yeah, those hats from the demo are now in the editor! Suddenly the app is a lot classier.

Advanced pose mode update

Remember how advanced pose mode used to be overwhelming with all the bones showing up and overlapping each other? Now you only see bones for the part you're editing, which feels a lot better. We also spruced up the menus and bone selection code, and added keyboard shortcuts for a smoother experience.


Also several bug fixes and some quality updates to lighting/environment.

Hope you guys enjoy this new version - next week we'll take steps towards one of the last big steps in making the editor user friendly: pose presets and proportions sliders.

Have a great weekend all!

Andrew & Jared

Beta 0.3.0 update: STL export available for All-In backers!
3 months ago – Wed, Feb 10, 2021 at 10:33:03 PM

It's been a productive week I guess because we just released version 0.3.0, which includes...

STL Export! \o/

Backers who pledged at the All-In level can now download their monsters to 3D print. Give it a try! 

Two caveats:

  • For now, only backers who pledged at the All-In digital level can download models. This is because we haven't yet written the logic redeeming coupons that unlock individual monsters. We'll likely extend access to the Basic STL Bundle and TPK STL Bundle backers at the same time we add the shopping cart/payments logic.
  • File sizes for the hydra are huge - we thought it would be good to get all the detail possible but 150+MB is probably too much :) So eventually we'll scale those assets back to a reasonable size.

Please give it a try, let us know if you run into any issues, and come hang out with the group on Discord!

All the best,

Andrew & Jared

Hydra print by Jerdizzle on Discord